Office for Student Success COVID-19 Remote Work Plan for Continued Service

The Office for Student Success in Lommasson 269 will open for in-person services on Monday, August 10th.  Until that time, all OSS employees are working remotely. Please read the information below for instructions on how to access OSS services. If you have questions, please contact us at or (406) 243-2800.


Undergraduate Advising Center

Please see the information below for instructions on how to access the Undergraduate Advising Center's (UAC) services remotely.


Advising appointments with continuing or new students will be conducted via Zoom video conferencing. Each UAC advisor has sent a communication out to their caseload informing advisees we are working remotely with instructions for joining appointments via Zoom. Invites to join Zoom appointments will be sent by advisor to advisee student email account day before scheduled appointment. For those students who don’t have access to a computer to effectively use Zoom, they will have the option to meet with a UAC advisor by phone appointment.

UAC advisees will continue to schedule appointments in Starfish or by emailing their advisor to request an appointment. If a student emails their advisor to request an appointment, we kindly ask each student to provide their advisor with the dates and times they are available to meet when making their request for an appointment. 

UAC Advising staff contacts are provided below. If you don’t know who your advisor is or need to meet with a UAC advisor but are unsure of who to meet with, please contact the UAC Director, Nathan Domitrovich, at or by calling (406) 243-2851 for assistance. For additional assistance, please email:

Staff Contacts

Jessica Anderson (406) 243-2811;

Nathan Domitrovich (406) 243-2851;

Jason Granvold (406) 243-2293;

Violet Hopkins (406) 243-6087;

Jessiah Mayer (406) 243-6092;

Jimmy Stevens (406) 243-5363;

Writing and Public Speaking Center

We offer one-on-one real-time appointments ONLINE in Zoom.

Visit our online scheduler to reserve an appointment.

We are eager to work with you!

Financial Education Program

In-person and virtual individual appointments (phone/zoom) are available with our financial coaches. To schedule a one-on-one appointment please call 406-243-2800 or email us directly.

Julie Heaton


Andrea Janssen


Study Jam Tutoring

Study Jam will move all tutoring to an online format.



Study Jam will keep the schedule consistent with the face-to-face group sessions ( Some daytime sessions may move into evening sessions too. 

TRIO Student Support Services

Please see the information below for instructions on how to access TRIO SSS's services remotely

The following remote actions will take effect during a campus closure. Here is a guide to how to access our services during a campus closure:

  1. TRIO staff will be available fall semester by appointment , email, or Zoom.
  1. C & I 160 – Learning Strategies for Higher Education and COLS 194-Section 10 will be face-to-face instruction. Should we move to on-line  instruction classes will meet  via Zoom Sessions and/or Moodle delivery, scheduled at our regular class times for the following courses:  

             C&I 160 (Tuesdays, Thursdays, 10:00 – 10:50 a.m.)  - Heather Hibbard Instructor

             C & I 160 (Monday’s & Wednesday’s – 10:00 – 10:50 am)  Janet Zupan Instructor

             COLS 194- TRIO First-Year Seminar (Monday & Wednesday’s 12:00 pm -1:20 PM)

  1. Scheduled Appointments: Phone calls, email exchanges, or Zoom sessions will replace in-person appointments, with rescheduling as needed.
  2. Tutoring: Tutors will be available according to their scheduled time and will work in-person and via ZOOM.   Refer to the schedule. IN-person tutoring will be limited and social distancing will be practiced. 
  3.  Peer Mentoring: Mentoring sessions will be scheduled according to mentor and mentee availability and will take place in-person (limited),  via mobile phones or computers using Zoom.  Facetime, Zoom, or other voice or video conferencing technology available to both participants. 
  4. Academic Success Coaching Sessions:  In-person appointments only; Zoom.    


Darlene Samson – (406) 243-4199; 

Heather Hibbard – (406) 243-4880;

Peter Donaldson – (406) 243-4202,

Janet Zupan – (406) 243-4210.

Erin Shaw (New Program Manager) (406) 243-5032