Early Alert

As part of our institution-wide strategies to improve student retention, persistence and completion, UM began using Navigate as our Early Alert system beginning Fall 2020 Semester. 

Faculty members teaching undergraduate are asked to respond to Progress Surveys during weeks 2, 5, 8, and 12 of each fall and spring semester.  Through each Progress Survey, instructors can issue Tracking Items - Flags or Kudos – to inform students of current class performance. 

Flags are intended to alert students and relevant members of the student’s Success Network that the instructor is concerned with their current class performance.   When a flag is raised by an instructor, students and their advisor(s) will be notified immediately.  Advisors can then clear the flag and “close the loop,” informing all parties that the student has been reached and the concern has been alleviated.

Kudos are intended to provide positive feedback to students who have displayed either “outstanding academic performance” or are “showing improvement.” This positive reinforcement can greatly improve student morale and contribute to student persistence. 

More detailed information for instructors on the Navigate early alert process and expectations is available on our Navigate website

Please contact Easton McGreevy, OSS Systems Administrator, at 243-6888 or Easton.mcgreevey@mso.umt.edu for additional information or assistance.