Quick Guide to Course Registration

CyberBear, Degree Planner and Holds

The Breakdown

Registration for Spring semester classes takes place in late October/early November; fall registration takes place in April. The Registration Timetable is posted on the Registrar’s website.  To prepare for registration, your student needs to make an appointment with their advisor to go over next semester’s game plan. They can also discuss their overall graduation plan, summer or post-graduate opportunities, and other university resources they might need. At the end of the session, the advisor will usually provide the advising PIN (also known as the advising number) needed to register in CyberBear. In some cases, the advisor may ask the student to send follow-up information in order to receive the advising number.

Encourage your student to begin this process about a month before the start of the registration period. Although they can make changes to their schedule until the first week of the next term, starting the process early is the best strategy for success.

To prepare for an advising appointment and registration, your student should:

  1. Make sure their student account is clear of holds. They can find this information on their CyberBear Student Services page.
  2. Review their major requirements and general education requirements in the UM Catalog.
  3. Review or build their degree plan in DegreeWorks.
  4. Look up their registration time and schedule an advising appointment BEFORE their registration window opens.
  5. Register via CyberBear, after their advising appointment.