Saying Goodbye

Well, it’s that time: The time to drop off your student at college. As you trek back home to Chicago, California, New Hampshire, Billings, or wherever you call home, you’re probably feeling a mix of emotions: proud, scared, sad, anxious, excited. Your student is most likely feeling those as well. Now it’s their opportunity to use all the life skills you taught them here at the University of Montana.

How do you say goodbye? You don’t want to sob hysterically, but you also don’t want to just brush off such an important goodbye.

Here are a few articles with ideas on how to make this transition easier on yourself, your spouse, any other children you have at home, as well as your UM student. She’s going to have a lot of ups and downs this year, and we want to partner with you to make sure that she can transition to UM healthy, happy, and aware of all of the support for her both here at UM and at home.

While one of the articles below was not written recently, the advice remains relevant.