Student Benefits

The Four Bear Program provides the following benefits to students:

  • Four Bear Registration Priority: The focus of Four Bear is to help students graduate in four years, so we understand the importance of successfully registering for classes when you need them. With Four Bear Registration Priority, you register for classes ahead of your non-Four Bear peers, which assists you in getting the classes you need, when you need them. See the Requirements section for more information about receiving this benefit.
  • Focused Workshops: To help you on your path to graduation, Four Bear puts on several workshops on topics related to academic planning and making the most out of your time at UM. More information regarding the workshops can be found in the Campus Partners/Workshops section.
  • Advocacy: The Four Bear Program will assist students in working with their degree program to try and secure course substitution approval or overrides should the student be denied access to a course in the student's graduation plan.
  • Post-Four Year Tuition Payment: If the student is unable to register for a planned course because of factors within the University's control and prevents the student from graduating in four years, UM will pay post-four year tuition and mandatory fees until the student graduates in accordance with the last submitted Graduation Plan. Factors within the University's control are limited to: cancellation of a planned course where a substitution or waiver is not approved or the inability for the student to enroll in a planned course during the Four Bear priority registration window because the course is full. If you need to utilize this benefit, please contact the Four Bear Coordinator for more details about the process.