Four Bear Student Requirements

Student requirements to participate in the Four Bear Program are as follows:

  • Regularly monitor your UM Connect student email account. All Four Bear Program communications are sent through UM Connect student email.
  • Each semester, meet with your assigned academic advisor of record, including any additional assigned advisors for secondary majors or minors.
  • By the end of spring semester of freshman, sophomore, and junior years: create and subsequently update a Four Year Graduation Plan using the Plans feature in Degree Works, then submit your Plan by filling out the electronic Submittal Form above. Your Four Year Plan must factor in all of your requirements for graduation, per the Degree Works audit for your degree program(s).
  • Register for the courses that appear on your most recent Four Year Graduation Plan during the Four Bear priority registration period every semester that you qualify. First-year students and new transfer students in the program receive Four Bear priority registration once they have submitted a graduation plan.  If submitted by February 1st, the benefit will kick in for fall registration; if submitted after February 1st but by the end of the spring semester, the benefit will kick in for that following spring registration. Second-, third-, and fourth-year students will continue to receive Four Bear priority registration as long as they continue to meet the requirements of the program.
  • Complete a minimum of 30 credits by the end of your first year (includes summer session), 60 credits by the end of your second year, 90 credits by the end of your third year, and 120 credits by the end of your fourth year. These credit benchmarks are crucial to timely completion of your degree.
  • Satisfy all academic policies of the University and your degree program(s).


Note: Pre-Pharmacy and Pre-Nursing students can participate in Four Bear, factoring for their pre-requisite coursework, even though these are not four-year degree programs at UM.