Communities of Excellence

A UM Distinction: Communities of Excellence

The UPC Mission & Identity subgroup recommends the university strategically invest in  communities of interdisciplinary excellence. These areas of excellence exist at the intersection of current strengths and societal need: Communication & Artistic Expression; Business & Technology; Environment & Sustainability; Health & Human Development; Justice, Policy & Public Service; and Science & Technology. Many other degree options will live independently and complement these areas of excellence.

Artistic Expression & Communication
We cultivate the production, analysis, and appreciation of diverse forms of human expression essential to developing citizens, leaders, artists, advocates, and creators.

Business & Entrepreneurship
We prepare students to confront economic challenges and opportunities by promoting leadership and innovation, encouraging partnerships, and recognizing workforce demands and unmet needs.

Environment & Sustainability
We promote good stewardship by fostering knowledge of and respect for the integrity and beauty of the ecological systems in Montana and around the world.

Health & Human Development
We enhance the physical, mental, and emotional health and intelligence of our communities, working with regional and international partners to serve diverse populations.

Justice, Policy & Public Service
We develop citizens who serve their communities and participate in democratic governance through advocacy, dialogue, dissent, and ethical decision making.

Science & Technology
We teach and sustain research able to compete on the world market for new knowledge and advance ideas and applications that enhance local, regional, and national economies and communities.