Parking for Special Events

A successful event begins and ends with parking!  The goal of the Event Parking and Transportation Coordinator is here to provide the smoothest parking experience possible for your guests on campus.  

Individuals or departments planning to conduct short courses, workshops, conferences, or special events, to which persons from off campus will be invited, should inform the UM Police Department Internal Operations Manager as soon as possible, preferably at least one month in advance of the event. Please contact the office at 406-243-6133.  

Only the UMPD is authorized to commit or approve the use or closure of University parking facilities. The approval of the UMPD is required for any special event that will cause the disruption or re-routing of regular traffic flow.

UM regularly hosts major statewide athletic tournaments, conventions, concerts, and other events on campus. During these events, special parking arrangements may affect specific parking areas.

For assistance in event parking contact:  Cerise Mclean

Services We Provide

  • Assistance planning parking for your event.

  • Spaces in campus lots generally used by students, faculty, and staff.

  • Collaboration with law enforcement to assist with traffic control.

  • Information regarding other events on campus and the impact on parking.

  • A frame sandwich boards 

  • Parking attendants.