Student Right To Know

In November 1990, the Student Right-To-Know and Campus Security Act was signed into law. The crime reporting provisions of the act require all 8,000 post-secondary institutions that receive federal financial assistance to report specified crimes to their campus community, warn them when specific violent crimes occur on campus, and develop crime-awareness programs and security policies.

At The University of Montana (UM), the welfare and safety of students, faculty, and staff is the most important aspect of public service commitment to the campus. Because no campus is totally isolated from crime, The University of Montana has developed polices and procedures that are designed to help protect people on campus. Although the campus has been fortunate in not experiencing a significant number of serious crimes, a risk-free environment cannot be guaranteed. A truly safe campus can be achieved only through shared knowledge and the cooperation of all students, faculty and staff.

This document is part of an effort to ensure that such a collaborative endeavor is effective and achieved.

Annual Security and Fire Safety Report