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Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety is everyone’s responsibility at UM. Whether it’s dealing with difficult customers and deescalating conflicts or preventing the number one crime on campus, theft, this workshop will provide tips and tools to help you be safe. Come learn how the University of Montana Police Department (UMPD) promotes reducing crime and improving safety on campus.

Facilitator: Brad Giffin is UMPD’s Community Liaison Officer and works with campus departments to educate employees and students about crime prevention.

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Drug-Free Workplace Education

The Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989 (amending the Higher Education Act) requires all universities receiving federal student aid to establish drug and alcohol abuse prevention programs for students and employees and to adequately inform all students and employees about these policies and procedures.

UM Human Resource Services is providing an Employees Drug-Free Workplace Education Training as a PowerPoint presentation, which offers an explanation of the University of Montana's drug and alcohol abuse policies regarding standards of conduct, a description of the various laws that apply in that jurisdiction regarding alcohol and drugs, a description of the various health risks of drug and alcohol abuse, a description of counseling and treatment programs that are available, and a statement on the sanctions the University will impose for a violation of the standards of conduct.

UM Drug-Free Workplace Education Training

UM Drug-Free Workplace Education Training (Video)
Closed captioning version on YouTube.

UM Drug-Free Workplace Education Training Transcript (Word)
Accessible Word document contains full content of the PowerPoint slides and narration.

UM Drug-Free Workplace Education Training Transcript (PDF)
PDF version of PowerPoint slides and narration makes it easy to print.