Extensive and Personal Advising

Your pre-law advisor will help you obtain the skills, knowledge, and experience that are necessary for success in law school. Your pre-law advisor will assist in the following areas

  1. Career choices and whether law school is a good fit for you
  2. Curricular choices for better preparation for law school
  3. Extracurricular choices for a higher interesting person status
  4. The application process to law school, including
    1. Identifying the law schools for your application list
    2. Preparing for the LSAT
    3. Obtaining letters of recommendation
    4. Writing your personal statement and essays

How Do I Meet With My Advisor?

Schedule with your advisor through email or Navigate:

  • Go to Navigate (use your net ID and password to log in).
  • Click Schedule an Appointment
  • Select a Care Unit
  • Select "Advising"
  • Select Soazig Le Bihan
  • Select a Date and Time

If you encounter any issues while scheduling an appointment, please contact Prof. Le Bihan via email.