Undergraduate Law Courses

Pre-Law students are encouraged to sample one or two undergraduate law courses (constitutional law, journalism law, business law, or the like). Taking such courses enables you to test your own interest in the legal system. You may also want to sit in one or two classes at the UM School of Law, again to get a sense of what studying law is like. Then spend the rest of your time improving your writing, reading, and analytical skills, and getting a broad–based education. Purely legal training will come in law school

List of Classes by Department

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Pre-Law Seminar

The Pre-Law Seminar is a one-credit course offered every Fall through the Davidson Honors College under the course number HONR 370. Although offered through the Honors College, this course is open to all students.  For further information about the seminar, contact Professor Le Bihan (

The course has two components, a practical one and a theoretical one. You will have the unique opportunity to interact with legal professionals and law school admission officers to explore your future in law school and the legal profession.

On the practical side, the course will help you:

  • Decide if law is a good career for you;
  • Prepare to do well in law school while still an undergraduate;
  • Choose the law school that is right for you;
  • Navigate the law school application and admission process;
  • Figure out how to finance law school;
  • Learn about different careers in the law.

On the theoretical side, the course will enhance your theoretical understanding of law. Among the issues covered are the questions of the nature of the law, of the complex relationships between law and morality, of whether or not we are obligated to obey the law, of punishment, of the interpretation of the law and more.