Mission and Guiding Principles


The Cabinet serves as the President’s executive leadership team to ensure the quality, integrity and sustainability of the University of Montana.

Guiding Principles

  • The Cabinet is proactive and responsive regarding the challenges and opportunities presented at the University of Montana.

  • We operate within an environment of trust which facilitates candid conversations and recommendations to the President and across the campus.

  • We bring information, perspectives, solutions and representation from all areas of the campus and, in turn, are intentional about communicating policies and actions back to our constituencies.

  • We follow through on our decisions and monitor results to determine whether they meet the intended outcomes.

  • We are committed to excellence at all levels within the University of Montana.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The Cabinet advises the President on actionable items which support the mission of the Cabinet and of the University.

  • We represent the diverse constituencies and stakeholders of the University of Montana by coordinating participation and ensuring all voices are heard during Cabinet discussions and decision-making.

  • We maintain, update and oversee broad implementation of the University’s strategic plan to ensure alignment of policies, resources and actions with the goals of the plan.

  • We are engaged in the university community, representative of the diversity of thought which exists across the institution, and accessible to those who seek to provide input regarding Cabinet business.