Tenure and Promotion 2022

College of the Arts and Media

Michael Musick, Tenure

Brian Gregoire, Promotion to Adjunct Associate Professor

Coreen Duffy, Promotion to Associate Professor

Michael Post, Promotion to Associate Professor 

Heidi Eggert, Promotion to Full Professor

Ulf Johan Eriksson, Promotion to Full Professor

Christopher Kirkpatrick, Promotion to Full Professor

Jeremy Lurgio, Promotion to Full Professor

Robert Tapper, Promotion to Full Professor

College of Health

Travis Hughes, Tenure

Erin Landguth, Tenure

Ian McGrane, Tenure

Erin Semmens, Tenure 

Richard Willy, Tenure 

Hayley Blackburn, Promotion to Associate Professor

Sophia Newcomer, Promotion to Associate Professor 

Ashley Trautman, Promotion to Associate Professor  

Sherrill Brown, Promotion to Full Professor 

Catherine Off, Promotion to Full Professor 

Susan Ostertag, Promotion to Clinical Associate Professor 

College of Humanities and Sciences

Claire Arcenas, Promotion to Associate Professor 

Heather Cahoon, Promotion to Associate Professor  

Brandon Cooper, Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor

Elizabeth Gillaspy, Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor

Lu Hu, Promotion to Associate Professor 

Nathan Insel, Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor

Hilary Martens, Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor

Erin Saldin, Promotion to Associate Professor 

Dong Wang, Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor

Michihiro Ama, Promotion to Full Professor

Anisa Goforth, Promotion to Full Professor

Jeffrey Good, Promotion to Full Professor

Rosalyn LaPier, Promotion to Full Professor

Marco Maneta, Promotion to Full Professor

Missoula College

Wendy Barker, Tenure

Ginger Sillars, Tenure

John Freer, Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor

Michelle Boller, Promotion to Full Professor 

Maureen & Mike Mansfield Library

Erin Baucom, Tenure

Phyllis J. Washington College of Education

Veronica Johnson, Promotion to Full Professor 

W.A. Franke College of Forestry and Conservation

Benjamin Colman, Tenure

Brady Allred, Promotion to Research Full Professor

Victoria Dreitz, Promotion to Full Professor

Elizabeth Metcalf, Promotion to Full Professor 

Past Promotion and Tenure Announcements