Who is exempt from evaluation?


Faculty members described below can request exemption from evaluation:

For 2021-22, the following faculty members can request exemption from evaluation if they seek a normal increase, have not received a less-than-normal evaluation in the last three (3) years and for whom the FEC, Department Chair/Director, Dean or Provost do not wish to initiate consideration for anything other than a normal recommendation.

  • Tenured Full Professors with surnames beginning with I-Z
  • Tenured Associate Professors with surnames beginning with M-Z
  • Tenured Full or Associate Professors on sabbatical or leave without pay*
  • Faculty members using Faculty Modified Duties who requested deferral of performance evaluation

* If the faculty member is not physically present to complete and submit the exemption form, the Department Chair/Director may sign and submit an exemption form instead.

The faculty members listed below are also exempt from evaluation:

  • Assistant Professors (tenure-track; probationary) in their first year at UM
  • Nontenurable faculty employed at over 0.5 FTE for only one semester
  • Nontenurable faculty employed at less than 0.5 FTE for less than two consecutive semesters (excluding summer)
  • Faculty on terminal year contracts
(CBAs: UFA 10.210; MCFA 10.340)