Faculty Evaluation Timeline

September 15

Student Evaluation Committee is appointed by the Department Chair.

October 15

Individual Performance Record (IPR) is submitted to Faculty Evaluation Committee Chair and the Department Chair/Director (or Dean). The Student Evaluation Committee finalizes its evaluation of each faculty member and sends it to the Department Chair/Director.

November 15

Faculty Evaluation Committee finalizes and forwards its report to the Department Chair/Director.

December 15

Department Chair/Director forwards evaluation records to the Dean.

February 15

Dean forwards evaluation records to the Provost and to the faculty member. A copy of the Dean's evaluation is sent to the appropriate Department Chair/Director.

within 10 working days of February 15

Faculty member may appeal the Dean’s evaluation.

March 12

Dean grants or denies faculty member's appeal.

April 4

Appeals Committee forwards recommendation(s) to the Provost.

April 25

Provost notifies faculty member of recommendation provided no matter is under appeal (CBA 10.290).