Who must be evaluated?

In 2021-2022, the following professors must be evaluated.

  • Tenured Full Professors with surnames beginning with A-H

  • Tenured Associate Professors with surnames beginning with A-L

  • Probationary Assistant and Associate Professors with surnames beginning with A-Z, except those in their first year at UM

  • Any faculty member who received a less-than-normal evaluation last year

  • Nontenurable faculty members (including research, adjunct, clinical, and lecturers) who are part of the bargaining unit (who are 0.5 FTE or more for two consecutive semesters are more, excluding summer.)

(CBAs UFA 10.210; MCFA 10.340)

Who may be evaluated?

Who is exempt from evaluation?

Tenured full professors are evaluated every third year; tenured associate professors every other year. Assistant professors are evaluated every year except for their first year at UM.

Evaluation conducted

Full Professor surname

Assoc. Professor surname

2016-2017 I-Q M-Z
2017-2018 R-Z A-L
2018-2019 A-H M-Z
2019-2020 I-Q A-L
2020-2021 R-Z M-Z
2021-2022 A-H A-L
2022-2023 I-Q M-Z
2023-2024 R-Z A-L
2024-2025 A-H M-Z
2025-2026 I-Q A-L