Sprunk and Burnham Dean, College of Business

Sprunk and Burnham Dean, College of Business

The job advertisement for the Sprunk and Burnham Dean of the College of Business has been posted and advertised nationally. Please contact Dean Paul Kirgis to nominate someone to apply.

Timeline of search is now: Committee reviews applications and screens applicants

Provost's charge to the committee:

For this endowed position, we are seeking a dynamic leader with administrative and faculty experience who can lead the College of Business during an exciting and transitional time.  Given the great momentum on campus, based on the priorities for action and our efforts to recruit and retain increasing numbers of students, this is a great time to bring experienced and visionary leadership to CoB. With exceptional donor and alumni support, CoB is positioned for increased strength and growth. Let this serve as a charge to the search committee to bring in extraordinary candidates who will help us build upon the foundation that has been laid and to lead CoB into the future.

 The successful candidate must work collaboratively with a diverse group of individuals across campus, Montana, and the region. They must be well versed in current trends in the disciplines represented within CoB and have the capacity to explain the nuances of these disciplines to others. They must understand and share the College’s commitment to student success and the unique role CoB plays within the fabric of the larger University. They must be able to work with the faculty and staff to implement the College’s strategic plan and have the ability to reach out to alumni, donors, and other stakeholders and share that vision with them.

Search Committee

Paul Kirgis, Dean, Blewett School of Law, search committee chair

Victoria Bigelow, DHC, Staff Senate Representative

Mark Burnham, College of Business Donor

Anta Coulibaly, Internal Auditor

Lisa Eiler, Associate Professor, Dept. of Accounting and Finance

Theresa Floyd, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Management and Marketing

Dawn Hambrick, MBA and MSBA Director, College of Business

Ethan Hanlely, ASUM Vice President, student representative

Paul Lasiter, Vice President for Operations and Finance

Clay Looney, Professor, Dept. of Management Information Systems, Faculty Senate Representative

Marissa Mahkuk Compton, student representative

Taylor McDermott, ATG, UM alum and community member

Brigitta Miranda-Freer, Director, World Trade Center

Eric Sprunk, College of Business Donor

Andrew Ware, Professor and Chair, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, Faculty Senate Representative