Dean of the College of the Arts and Media

Dean of CAM

The search committee for the recruitment of the next Dean of the College of the Arts and Media has been appointed. 


Provost's Charge to the Search Committee

Thank you for agreeing to serve on the search committee for the Dean of the new College of the Arts and Media (CAM). CAM embodies some of UM’s most valuable contributions to the arts, culture, and media in Missoula and the region; I am eager to recruit a dynamic and forward-thinking dean to lead CAM into the future.

It will be important to post the advertisement for this position as soon as possible, to be competitive with other dean position advertisements and reach the broadest possible applicant pool. With search committee chair Adrea Lawrence’s leadership, you should be able to deliver candidates for interviews before spring break 2020, and enable me to select a Dean who can be on board by July 1, 2020, or sooner.

There are several tasks for a search committee:

  • Learn about and utilize strategies for an inclusive recruitment process (implicit bias awareness, language and format for position advertisements, blind application review, etc.)
  • Draft, refine, and finalize the role description and advertisement for the position
  • Proactively identify and contact a wide range of potential applicants for the position
  • Review the applications, narrowing the list to those for whom you will conduct additional interviews and for whom you will check references
  • Further narrow the list to those you recommend to me for campus visits
  • Develop a campus visit schedule and facilitate the campus visits
  • Evaluate the finalists for their strengths and weaknesses and report the results to me
  • Indicate if any of the finalists is not acceptable for the position.

It is not the task of the search committee to rank the finalists for the position. The search committee should prepare recommendations to me, specifying which finalists are and are not acceptable, and enumerating the strengths and weaknesses of each acceptable candidate.

For this position, we are seeking a dynamic academic with administrative and faculty experience who can lead CAM during an exciting and transitional time.  Given the great momentum on campus, based on the priorities for action and our efforts to recruit and retain increasing numbers of students, this is a great time to bring an enthusiastic and experienced leader to the College. CAM plays a critical role in delivering general education courses to all UM students in addition to its outstanding undergraduate and graduate degree programs in journalism and the visual and performing arts. With exceptional donor and alumni support, CAM is positioned to expand and innovate. Let this serve as a charge to the search committee to bring in extraordinary candidates who will help us build upon this strong foundation.

The successful candidate must work collaboratively with a diverse group of individuals across campus. They must be well versed in current trends in the various disciplines represented in CAM and have the capacity to explain the nuances of these disciplines to others. The dean will understand the unique role CAM plays within the fabric of the larger University and Missoula community. They must have a compelling vision for the future of the College and the ability to reach out to alumni, donors, and other stakeholders and share that vision with them.

As you embark on your tasks, several people will be resources for your committee: Alicia Houghtaling and Hadley Jackson in the Office of the Provost will provide administrative support; Alicia Arant, Interim Director of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action will provide guidance when needed; and Marcie Briggs, Recruitment Manager for Human Resource Services, will provide guidance and technical support.

Many thanks for all of your talent and hard work on this important search.

Provost Jon Harbor

Search Committee

Adrea Lawrence, Dean, Phyllis J. Washington College of Education, search committee chair

Jule Banville, Associate Professor, School of Journalism

Amanda Barr, student representative

Alessia Carpoca, Professor, School of Theatre and Dance

Cathy Capps, CAM donor and community member

Jennifer Cavanaugh, Professor, School of Music

Rafael Chacon, Director, Montana Museum of Art and Culture

Brian Fulton, student representative

Michael Musick, Assistant Professor, School of Visual and Media Arts

Timothy McHenry, Assistive Technology Specialist, Information Technology

Hannah Singleton, Director of Fiscal Operations, CAM Dean's Office