Executive Director, Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center

Executive Director, Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center

The search committee for the recruitment of the next Executive Director of the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center has been appointed. The position posting is available to view and applications may be submitted on the UM Jobs website here.


The ad has been posted & applications are being accepted

Provost Harbor's Charge to the Search Committee

Thank you for agreeing to serve on the search committee for the Executive Director of the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center. This is an exciting time for the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center, a signature academic unit of the University of Montana dedicated to enhancing mutual understanding between the United States and Asia and to fostering ethical public policy and leadership.

The Center supports this mission by fostering University and community links with Asia and dialogue on issues facing the United States, Asia, and the world on matters of the economy, the environment, global development, and international relations. More recently, the Center has broadened its original focus on East and Northeast Asia to include Southeast Asia, an evolution that reflects growing American interests in this sub-region of a dynamic continent with ever-growing links to the United States.

The Mansfield Center builds bridges between individuals and groups in Asia and those in the UM, Missoula, and Montana communities. The Center hosts programs, events, and activities that build goodwill, foster knowledge sharing and problem solving, and facilitate dialogue to help address geopolitical issues. Along with other international efforts at UM, the Center provides a range of opportunities for individuals and groups from Asia or interested in Asia to come to UM as visitors or full-time students to participate in the rich educational environment at UM.

The next Executive Director of the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center will be a creative leader who will drive implementation of the Center’s mission. We are seeking a dynamic, savvy administrator who dreams big, takes creative risks, and directs and inspires the Center, its staff, and its stakeholders to advance its objectives and serve as a model for other centers. The Executive Director will be an effective collaborator with the ability to bring people together for meaningful interactions. They will help the Center to prosper financially by bringing in major external grants, and will partner with Admissions, our Senior International Officer, and others to significantly enhance international opportunities at UM, including international student recruitment. Finally, the Executive Director will contribute to upholding and furthering the reputation of the Mansfield Center and the University of Montana with a spirit and approach that is consistent with the inspiring legacy of Maureen and Mike Mansfield.

The successful candidate must connect and work collaboratively with a diverse group of individuals across campus, throughout the region, and worldwide. They must be well versed in current trends in the many disciplines that relate to the Mansfield Center’s mission. They must have a compelling vision for the future of the Mansfield Center and the ability to articulate their vision to the Mansfield Foundation, donors, federal and state agencies, and other stakeholders.

It would be advantageous to fill this position by October 1, 2019 or sooner. With search committee chair Tom DeLuca’s leadership, you should be able to deliver candidates for on-campus visits early in fall semester 2019, and enable Vice Provost Lindsay, to whom this position will report, to select an Executive Director who can be on board shortly thereafter. There are several tasks for a search committee:

  • Learn about and utilize strategies for an inclusive recruitment process (implicit bias awareness, language and format for position advertisements, blind application review, etc.)
  • Draft, refine and finalize the role description and advertisement for the position
  • Seek nominations and applications for the position
  • Review the applications, narrowing the list to those for whom you will conduct additional interviews and for whom you will check references
  • Further narrow the list to those you recommend to me for campus visits
  • Develop a campus visit schedule and facilitate the campus visits
  • Evaluate the finalists for their strengths and weaknesses and report the results to me
  • Indicate if any of the finalists is not acceptable for the position.

It is not the task of the search committee to rank the finalists for the position. The search committee should prepare recommendations to Vice Provost Lindsay, specifying which finalists are and are not acceptable, and the strengths and weaknesses of each acceptable candidate.

As you embark on your tasks, several people will be resources for your committee: Office of the Provost staff will provide administrative support; Alicia Arant, Interim Director of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action will provide guidance when needed; and Marcie Briggs, Recruitment Manager for Human Resource Services, will provide guidance and technical support.

Thank you for accepting this appointment.

Search Committee

Tom DeLuca, Dean, W.A. Franke College of Forestry and Conservation, search committee chair

Donna Anderson, Senior Internationalization Officer and Executive Director of the Global Engagement Office

Brian Dowdle, Associate Professor and co-Chair, Department of World Languages and Cultures

Morgan Hahn, Student, ASUM President

Ethan Hanley, Student, ASUM Vice President

Susan Hay Patrick, CEO, United Way Missoula

Mark Johnson, Executive Director, World Affairs Council of Montana and Mansfield Center Advisory Board

Sara Rinfret, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Policy and Public Administration

Owen Sirrs, Defense Critical Languages and Cultures Program, Mansfield Center

Dan Spencer, Professor, Environmental Studies Program

Kelsey Stamm Jimenez, Mansfield Center

Jen Zellmer-Cuaresma, Athletics, Staff Senate Representative