Academic Planning Group


11 a.m. - noon April 15, 2021

4.15 Agenda and Minutes 

11 a.m. - noon April 29, 2021

4.29 Agenda and Minutes


  1. Review the working document "The University of Montana's Academic Future".
  2. Identify and reach out to relevant campus stakeholders for feedback on potential impacts and opportunities,
  3. Provide, in a single document, recommendations and ideas that can be incorporated into a revised draft of the working document.

Next steps

  1. The APG’s work will conclude upon delivery of your recommendations and ideas to the Provost.
  2. The Provost will use the APG's recommendations to revise the document and deliver it to President Bodnar.
  3. The President will work with the appropriate stakeholders to make any necessary adjustments, then share the plan with the campus community.
  4. A subset of the APG will likely continue work over the summer, focusing on operationalizing and implementing the President’s plan and setting the course for the future of academics at UM.

Targeted outreach

Rather than seek broad campus feedback on the plan and college plans being developed by deans, the APG will seek targeted feedback from campus stakeholders who can offer specific expertise, provide unique perspectives, or identify potential problem areas.

Examples include Admissions/Recruiting, Advising/Student Success, Marketing/ Communications, the UM Foundation, representatives of shared governance groups, relevant academic units, etc.


For more information, contact the Office of the Provost at


Charity Atteberry, Chair, Staff Senate

Julie Baldwin, Associate Dean, H&S

Creagh Breuner, Associate Dean, H&S

Paul Kirgis, Dean, Alexander Blewett III School of Law, co-facilitator

Adrea Lawrence, Dean, Phyllis J. Washington College of Education

Michael Mayer, member of ECOS

Kimber McKay, Chair-Elect, Faculty Senate

Michael Musick, member of ECOS

Chris Palmer, Chair, Faculty Senate

Sara Rinfret, member of ECOS

Matt Semanoff, Associate Dean, H&S

Rachel Severson, member of ECOS

Suzanne Tilleman, Dean, College of Business

Alan Townsend, Dean, W.A. Franke College of Forestry and Conservation

Kelly Webster, Chief of Staff, co-facilitator

Julie Wolter, member of ECOS