Instructional Resources

As you prepare your spring courses, the following resources and assistance are available: 

Instructional Support from IT and UMOnline

Please contact the IT Helpdesk at or 243-HELP (4357) for any technical problems that you encounter. Moodle-related questions can be directed to or 243-4999 or

Accessibility consultations

Please be proactive in selecting accessible course materials.  Use of third-party and publisher materials need to be tested by UM’s Accessible Technology Services (ATS) well in advance of using them within a course. This may take 2-6 weeks to complete so now is the time to make requests to ATS by completing an EIT Accessibility Evaluation Request form. There is also a new tool in Moodle, called Ally, to check and make recommendations on improving accessibility of course content. Please read about how Ally works and request support from ATS for remediating materials

Classroom Technology Consultations

Meet with an IT specialist to walk through how classroom technology and software such as webcams, microphones, and lecture capture can be used to support your teaching. Contact Scott Christensen (243-5322, Classroom Support Technician), David Opitz (Classroom Technician), or Adam Carroll (Presentation Equipment/Production Supervisor), to set up an appointment. 

Instructional Equipment

Many different types of equipment are available to support your teaching and learning needs from the library. You may request and reserve equipment online or via phone at 243-4875.

Learning Assistants program

It’s not too late to add a learning assistant to your spring course! The Learning Assistant program pairs high-performing undergraduate students with instructors focused on transforming their courses into engaging, active learning-based courses. Please contact Josh Herring to learn more.

Moodle support

As you prepare your courses in Moodle for this spring semester, remember that UMOnline has a number of supports including online tutorialsvirtual Instructional Designer office hours, and our Technical Help Desk. Check the UMOnline - Welcome webpage for answers to common questions, updates, and reminders as you get ready for the start of the semester.

Resources to share with online/remote students

Student support document

  • UMOnline has developed a list of resources to support online/remote students. Consider including it in your syllabus and/or Moodle course shell. The list is titled “downloadable student support document” and you can find it on the Keep on Teaching Resources webpage.
  • The document is also available in the Moodle Basics for Faculty tutorial under Course Template Sample, so you can copy and paste the text into your own Moodle course as a content item rather than a document, if you wish.

Online tutorial for students

Please also refer students to self-enroll in the self-paced Strategies for Online Students tutorial, which includes activities and suggestions for time management and understanding their own learning styles.

In addition to course content and instructional materials, please consider including language about mental health and COVID-related resources to your spring syllabi. Feel free to edit to suit your needs. 

Mental Health Resources 

Here is suggested language from “Mental Health on the Syllabus”, an Inside Higher Ed article that encourages instructors to include information about mental health services on their syllabi.  

College students often experience issues that may interfere with academic success such as academic stress, sleep problems, juggling responsibilities, life events, relationship concerns, or feelings of anxiety, hopelessness, or depression. If you or a friend is struggling, we strongly encourage you to seek support. Helpful, effective resources are available on campus. 

  • If you are struggling with this class, please visit during office hours or contact me by email at  [your email].
  • Check in with your academic advisor if you are struggling in multiple classes, unsure whether you are making the most of your time at the University of Montana.
  • Reach out for Support-Curry Health Center Counseling-to make a counseling appointment call 406-243-4712 or email
  • If you feel that you would benefit from general wellness skills to support your overall stress, reach out to Curry Health Center Wellness: 406-243-2809.
  • If you are experiencing a mental health crisis and seeking immediate help, call 911, go to the nearest hospital emergency room or call Campus Safety at 406-243-4000.
  • If you have experienced sexual assault, relationship violence, bullying, intimidation, or discrimination contact Student Advocacy Resource Center (SARC): 406-243-4429; 24-hour support line: 406-243-6559.

COVID resources

  • Curry Health Center is offering COVID-19 vaccines to anyone who would like one. 
  • Curry Health Center offers free COVID-19 testing to UM students.
  • If you have COVID symptoms, please get a COVID test at Curry Health Center. To assist with contact tracing, please sign the self-disclosure form so that if you test positive, Curry can share this information with the health department and the University.
  • If you test positive for COVID, you will be required to self- isolate, per Missoula City/County Health Department protocol. Please let me know so I can help you to receive materials and keep up with the class.
  • If you need to attend class remotely, please take advantage of these resources for online and remote students.