Instructional Planning Group


The Instructional Planning Group is continuing the work it began in 2020, developing recommendations for instruction. The group’s focus is on instructional modalities, use of classroom space, and conducting experiential learning.

Safety messaging for in-person instruction and template language for syllabi

Please see the Fall 2021 FAQs of the Campus COVID Operations Plan for the most up-to-date information on language to include in syllabi.

Areas of focus

Instructional modalities

We continue to study and discuss different ways to deliver instruction, including face-to-face, hybrid, hyflex, remote, and online instruction methods.

Use of classroom space

We continue to review room availability, capacity, and features. We assist the Registrar's Office as they work to assign instructional space with a view to meeting the instructional, health, and safety needs of instructors and students.

Experiential learning

We have developed several protocols to support experiential learning such as laboratory experiences, performances, field work, and internships.

Information sharing

We will continue to ensure the group’s recommendations reach UM ‘s instructors, advisors, students, and staff. We have established a robust communication plan to ensure the Instructional Planning Group’s recommendations reach all stakeholder audiences.

Group Members

Chair: Nathan Lindsay, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Corey Cardoza, Executive Director, Enterprise Technologies

Jameel Chaudry, UM Architect

Nancy Clouse, Senior Instructional Designer, UMOnline

Brian Dowdle, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of World Languages and Cultures

Noah Durnell, ASUM President

Grace Gardner, Director of Academic Affairs, Missoula College

Jason Granvold, Academic Advisor, Office for Student Success

John Greer, Head of Technology and Systems Services, Mansfield Library

Haley Hostetler, Alumni, Scheduling, and Student Services Coordinator, Office of the Registrar

Amy Kinch, Director, Office of Organizational Learning and Development

Canyon Lock, ASUM Vice President

Tom McClintock, Program Coordinator, Office of the Provost

Kim Nielson, Planning and Construction, Facilities Services

Bonnie Pace, Associate Registrar, Office of the Registrar

James Randall, Associate Professor and Director, School of Music

Zachary Rossmiller, Associate Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

Nicholas Tarter, Alumni, Scheduling, and Student Services Coordinator, Office of the Registrar

Klaus Uhlenbruck, Associate Dean, College of Business

Victor Valgenti, Assistant Professor, Department of Business Technology

Andrea Vernon, Director, Experiential Learning and Career Services

Tony Ward, Professor, School of Public and Community Health Sciences

Mika Watanabe, Lead Coordinator, Office for Disability Equity

Art Woods, Professor, Division of Biological Sciences

Laurie Yung, Professor, Department of Society and Conservation

Contact the Instructional Planning Group

Please email for further information.