Organizational and staffing changes


In February 2018, President Bodnar charged the University Planning Committee with 1) developing a new UM mission, identity, and areas of excellence and 2) using existing centralized data to assess UM's academic programs. He used that input to produce his draft recommendations, which he shared with campus on April 17.

Since the release of these draft recommendations, the campus community has provided extensive feedback on the recommendations’ content and methodology. This feedback, especially as communicated through the Executive Committee of Faculty Senate, has resulted in revisions to both the recommendations for reorganization and the methodology for arriving at the faculty staffing levels that will best serve students across our programs.

The University Planning Committee, the Executive Committee of Faculty Senate, and the University Faculty Association have been critical partners in this important work, helping to revise the methodology and to ensure an accurate picture of our needs as well as a strategic approach to our decision making.

Below you will find:

  • a link to information on the outcomes of instructional staffing plan recommendations
  • feedback on the President's draft recommendations released April 2018
  • a set of communications related to this initiative outlining process, strategy, and next steps

UM on the rise

The outcomes of instructional staffing plan recommendations are explained on the Provost's UM on the rise website.


The UM community provided hundreds of points of feedback on President Bodnar’s draft recommendations. The Office of the Provost collected all the feedback that was submitted online as well as feedback that was emailed directly to the President and Provost. Below are links to an executive summary of this feedback as well as all the feedback received. 

Executive summary


Faculty Senate collected feedback as well. Below you will find a link to a summary of feedback developed by the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate (ECOS), as well as a memo from ECOS to the UPC.

ECOS summary of feedback

ECOS memo to UPC