Creating an NCUR Account

  1. Click here to go to the CUR homepage.
  2. Click on "My Account" under the "myCUR" dropdown menu.Depiction of the dropdown menu on the CUR homepage with a red arrow pointing to "My Account"
  3. If you currently have a CUR account, you can sign in now. Otherwise click “create an account.”
  4. Enter your information and be sure to use your official UM email.Registration information dialog box as if being filled out by Monte Bear
  5. Choose the University of Montana Missoula as your primary organization.
  6. To confirm your affiliation with UM, click “Manage My Institutional Relationships.”
    • Note: if you’re signing up for the first time and see “no results” please wait 24 hours for your account to fully link.
  7. Click the "Manage My Membership" button to activate your enhanced institutional benefits.Image depicting NCUR manage my membership button