Office of the Registrar

Office of the Registrar

Traditions and Honors

Class Banners

The University of Montana class banners were created from 1898-1970 and then again from 1993 to the present. Traditionally, the banners were designed and made by a member or group of students from the graduating class. Visit the archives website for a full gallery of photos.


Class Banners from 2018 Ceremony

Head Marshal and Mace

The chair of the Faculty Senate serves as the Head Marshal of the Commencement Ceremonies and carries the UM Mace during the processional and recessional.
Head Marshal holding Mace

President's Medallion

The President's Medallion has the UM seal engraved on it and is passed on from President to President. The President wears it during formal ceremonies such as Commencement.
President Bodnar in Academic Regalia and Presidential Medallion

Honorary Doctorates

The honorary doctorate is the highest honor the University of Montana can bestow upon an individual. Visit the Office of the Provost's website for a full list of past recipients.
JK Simmons at UM Commencement