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Instructions for Course Add, Drop, and Change requests after the 15th day of instruction.

Faculty members must choose the grade mode option for their courses at the time the courses are being proposed for a particular semester or within the first 15 instructional days of the semester.

Students continue to seek relief from poor class performance late in the term by requesting that instructors change the student's grade mode for the class from traditional mode to Credit/No-credit mode well after the 15th day of the term. 

A number of faculty members have reported the behavior and shared that they were concerned about the fairness of allowing a student the option to change well after published deadlines, while other students might not be afforded the same option. 

In order for a student to have the option to elect Credit/No-credit grading, the course must be set up in Banner with that grading option no later than the 15th instructional day, and the course syllabus should reflect that Credit/No-credit grading is available. 

If the course is not set up with Credit/No-credit grading option, and the syllabus does not indicate students are allowed the Credit/Non-credit option, we cannot process a student's request to change the grade mode.

Additional information regarding Credit/No-Credit grading is available in the catalog.