Early Alert Program

The Early Alert Program was instituted during the Fall 2007 semester as part of the University's Partnering for Student Success Initiative. The program is designed to identify students who might be having academic difficulty and to direct them to assistance.  

An integral part of this process is the Progress Survey which was originally introduced during the Fall 2014 semester. The current Early Alert system is Starfish.  The Progress Surveys within Starfish allow faculty to identify students who are not attending class and/or students who are performing poorly in class (“D” work or less). Faculty can also submit  encouraging "kudos" for students who are performing well or showing improvement, along with comments about any additional concerns they may have about the student so that academic advisors can connect with the student and provide more detailed assistance and direction.

Important points regarding the initiative:

  • The Provost has asked that all instructors teaching subjects at the courses numbered 200 level and below participate in Early Alert each semester. Only those students who are not attending or are experiencing academic difficulty (“D” work or less) should be marked on the survey.
  • Please announce to your class that you will be providing early alert information for those students who are having difficulty, and that these students will receive an email on their university email account with additional details.

Progress Surveys focusing on various alert types will be issued according to the schedule below. Regardless of where an instructor is at with current grading for their courses, we strongly encourage participation in the early progress surveys (if an instructor has no feedback to provide, they can submit a blank survey and still have their participation recorded).

  • Week 2 Attendance Concerns
  • Week 5 Early Academic Progress
  • Week 8 Academic Progress before 45th class day
  • Week 12 Academic Progress before final course drop/change deadline

 If you have any questions about the process or have difficulty accessing your grade rosters, please contact the Office for Student Success by email (officeforstudentsuccess@umontana.edu) or by phone at 243-2800.

Additional instructions for completing Progress Surveys can be found on the Starfish for Instructors web page. Thank you for your efforts in helping to ensure that our students succeed.