CyberBear Registration Error Messages

Registration Error Messages

The CyberBear registration system will alert a student when a course request is denied. The following are CyberBear error messages.

Students are admitted to specific campuses depending on whether they are taking face-to-face classes or enrolled as a Distance Learning student. You must take courses offered within your campus. This error message cannot be overridden without the student switching the campus to which they were admitted. Use the Distance Only Change of Status form to change your status to a Distance Learning student. Changing from a Distance Learning (online) student to a face-to-face student will result in an increase of tuition and fees. 

Consent of the instructor is required for this course. Students must have instructor’s signature on an Override form. Not all overrides are approved. This restriction is put on by the instructor.

The course is restricted to students of a certain class standing to (i.e. open to class level of senior). Students may get an Registration Override form signed by the instructor, or the instructor may enter an electronic override which will allow the student to add the class through their CyberBear registration page. The decision to grant an override is at the instructor’s discretion, and is not a guarantee.”

This error occurs when a student tries to register for a class outside of their designated campus (i.e., a UM Mountain Campus student tries to register for a Missoula College class, or vice versa). A Mountain Campus student must contact the Missoula College course instructor to request an override. Missoula College students must receive permission from their advisors.  Please note that not all overrides are approved.

The section is full and does not permit waitlisting. For 500 & 600-level courses, students may obtain a Registration Override at the discretion of the instructor.

The course is full and the student has the ability to add to the waitlist. Classes that have a waitlist cannot be overridden with an instructor’s signature on an override form until the first day of class.  Once classes have begun, instructors can override waitlists at their discretion using a paper or electronic override. Please note that not all overrides are approved.

The course is full, but the student may add to the waitlist.  Although there appears to be an open seat, the space is reserved for the student at the top of the waitlist who has 72-hours to register.

Students must obtain consent from the Honors College or the instructor in the form of a signature on an Override form. Please visit the Honors College Administrative desk. Not all overrides are approved.

It is past the deadline to add or drop courses, the course has been cancelled, or administrative Cyberbear maintenance is taking place.

Student has already successfully added this particular course and section to their registration.

This course is restricted to only students in a certain major or minor (e.g., open to only Art majors). Students may get an Override form signed by the instructor, although not all overrides are approved.

Students must contact personnel at the Registration Counter in Griz Central to drop their last class. The system assumes that if a student is dropping their last class they are withdrawing from the term. Withdrawal paperwork is administered at Registration Counter in Griz Central.

The course is only open to a certain level (e.g., Graduate Students Only). Levels are coded as: Level 01 = Undergraduate; Level 02 = Graduate; Level 03 = Law.

This course has a co-requisite section linked to a primary section. The primary section is typically the larger, common lecture and the co-linked section is either a smaller lab or discussion section. For example, BIOL 221, section 1 carries 4 credits. The student must select Section 1 and also select one of Sections 2 – 5 which carry no credits. When registering, the student must register for the primary section and the linked section at the same time.

When dropping linked courses, students must drop the lecture and the linked section (recitation, lab, or discussion) at the same time.

Two classes overlap in their meeting time.

The student’s registration time is not yet available due to class restriction or alphabetical grouping. Check also to make sure that the student clicked on the appropriate term, as students occasionally incorrectly select the Law Semester from the pull down menu.

readmission form must be completed after being absent for two or more years or term selection in Cyberbear is not correct.

The student is on Academic Suspension or they previously cancelled their classes for that term. For Academic Suspensions, contact your advisor.  Otherwise, contact the registration counter.

Someone else is viewing your registration. Most commonly it is your advisor or an employee of the Registrar's Office.

The course instructor is controlling enrollment in this class. Students may get an Override form signed by the instructor, but overrides are not guaranteed.

An undergraduate student is trying to register for more than 21 credits. Student may choose to drop a course or override the maximum hours with a “Maximum Credit Override” form signed by their academic advisor. Not all Maximum Credit Overrides are approved.

A new advising number is generated for active undergrad students each semester during the academic year (except for summer) which is why students need to see their advisors at least once during autumn and spring semesters.