Late Start Courses

To search for late start courses in Cyberbear, use the part of term search filters while browsing.  With the "Browse Classes" menu open in your browser, click the "Part of Term" field.  A drop down menu will appear, allowing you to select specific parts of term.  You can select multiple parts of term by which to filter your search results.  Once you are satisfied with your selection and have adjusted the other filters as needed, click the "Search" button at the bottom of the menu to generate results.  Below is an example screenshot of how the part of term search filters appear when added to your search criteria: 

 Part of Term Search Filters

You can also use the module below:

To register for a Late Start Course:

Student Profile

Your Course Registration is displayed

Course Registration

Search for the desired course and select the CRN or enter the CRN from the Late Start Course Search.

Late Start Course Search Step 1

Late Start Course Search Step 2

Click on the CRN and complete the last steps on the next page. Your request will be processed electronically and entered for you in your registration once approved.

Late Start Course Search Last Steps