Prerequisite Enforcement

Prerequisite/Corequisite Waiver Form with Instructions 

This form should be submitted to the instructor of the course it is needed for or the corresponding department.

Enforceable Prerequisite Guide 

Electronic Overrides for Faculty

Important Definitions


  • A course or a test that must have been successfully completed prior to registering for the desired course
  • Indicated by the phrase "Prereq." followed by the course(s) and/or test(s) in the course description
  • If the course description or other language in the Catalog does not indicate a more restrictive grade, a C- is required for a course to be considered "successfully completed"
  • If the prerequisite course is in progress in the term before the term being registered, it meets the requirement

Prerequisite w/ Concurrency:

  • The course description has the phrase "Prereq., or coreq.,“
  • Indicates that the course(s) that follow the phrase must be successfully completed prior to registering for the desired course (Prerequisite) or the course can be taken concurrently with the listed course
  • Does not mean that the courses "must" be taken together
  • If taken concurrently, must enter both CRNs at the same time on the CyberBear registration page


  • Indicated by the phrase "Coreq." in the course description for the listed course is by itself (not in combination; like "Preq. or Coreq.")
  • The course(s) listed following the phrase must be taken at the same time (and therefore registered together) as the listed course
  • The course may also have prerequisites in addition to the corequisite but the phrase "Prereq." and "Coreq." are separated in the course description
  • Registering is very similar to a link section (all CRN’s must registered at the same time).