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Office of the Registrar

Prerequisite and Co-Requisite Frequently Asked Questions

  • Prerequisite: a course or a test that must be successfully completed prior to registering for the listed course. 
  • Co-requisite is a course that must be taken at the same time as another course. 

  1. Review the course description to make sure you understand what prerequisites and/or co-requisites are required for the course. The course description can be found in the UM Catalog and in Academic Planner “Plan my Schedule”. 
  2. Review your academic history and make sure you have the required passing grades and/or test scores for the prerequisites.  
  3. You can find your academic history on CyberBear in the Student Services tab. Click on “Prior Education and Testing” to see testing scores or “Student Records,” then “Academic Transcripts” to see all previous final grades. Test scores are also on the Profile page of Academic Planner. 
  4. If after reviewing the course description and your academic history, you feel you have met the prerequisite, email the override form to the instructor or department responsible for the course.
  5. If your form is reviewed and approved, once the override is entered, you will need to return to CyberBear to complete the course registration.

 A list of academic departments with location and contact information can be found on the Undergraduate Advising Center Website. 

If you receive a registration error message referencing major, class, capacity, or C/I (Consent of Instructor), you should email the instructor for a Registration Override. Include the course information, your full name, and your student ID. 

The professors or corresponding departments are responsible for these overrides, however if anyone has questions during process, the Registrar’s Office is here to answer questions. Email or call (406) 243-5600.  

Courses listed in the course description as a pre-requisite will require the grade before you can register. Courses listed as a co-requisite in the course description will allow you to register while still completing the co-requisite course.

Yes, instructors or department administrators can enter an electronic pre-requisite override for a student. Be aware, this override is different than a general override.

Please make sure to read the course description and confirm that you meet any prerequisite or co-requisite requirements. If you do not meet the requirements, you will need to make sure the instructor is aware of that when you submit the Registration Override request and provide the instructor with supporting documentation for their review and approval.  

After the Prerequisite/Co-requisite Waiver request is processed by the department, you will then need to complete the course registration process in CyberBear.  

After grades are posted for the current term, the Registrar’s Office will run a report to identify any students who failed to pass a course that is a prerequisite for a course they are currently registered for in the next semester. A message will be sent to the student’s UMConnect account notifying them of the registration issue. The student will have 10 business days to adjust their registration for the next semester. If the student does not adjust their registration within 10 days, the Registrar’s Office will remove the course from the student’s registration and notify the student of the change in registration status.

If the course description in the UM Catalog or in Academic Banner has the phrase “Prereq. or Coreq.”, it indicates that the course(s) that follow the phrase must be in progress or successfully completed prior to registering for the desired course (Prerequisite) or the course can be taken concurrently with the listed course (i.e. prerequisite with concurrency). This type of course description does not mean the courses must be taken together, rather that they can be taken together. If you do want to register for a prerequisite course at the same time as the course requiring the prerequisite, you must enter both CRNs at the same time on the CyberBear Add/Drop Classes registration page or you will receive the prerequisite error message.

Both CRN’s must be entered at the same time on the CyberBear registration page. This is very similar to the process for registering for linked sections – you must enter both CRNs at the same time.

Yes. The course description will typically contain the phrase “Prereq. of _____ and Coreq. of _____”.

If the course description or other language in the UM Catalog does not indicate a more restrictive grade, a C- is required for a course to be considered "successfully completed"

You will be required to take both courses over again or seek a waiver from the instructor.

You will want to complete the Prerequisite/Co-requisite Waiver Request form. Use the course description from your former institution as the supporting documentation. Submit the completed form to the department or instructor responsible for the course for which you are registering.

The students can see their registration and registration status in CyberBear by clicking on the “Check Your Registration Status” menu option at the bottom of the Registration menu. Use the Student Services tab or the Student Services and Financial Aid menu option to access the Registration menu.

Some courses are typically taken together but per the course description don’t have to be taken together. In these cases, the course description will contain the phrase “Prereq. or coreq.” and the enforcement rule is entered in Banner as a “Prerequisite with Concurrency”. If the course descriptions indicate prereq. or coreq. and the student wants to register for both courses in the same semester, they must enter both CRNs at the same time on the CyberBear Add/Drop Classes registration page or they will receive the prereq. error message.

Please email the corresponding department to the course if you believe there is a prerequisite problem. You can use the UM Directory to find department contact information.

The Registrar’s Office is also here to answer any questions: