Registration Holds

There are a variety of different holds that can be places on a students account, causing them to be unable to register for their courses until cleared.

For Bystander, Alcohol Education, or Sexual Assault Prevention holds, please contact SARC at (406) 243-4429.

For immunization or other health holds, please contact Curry Health Center at (406) 243-2122.

For financial holds, please contact Business Services at (406) 243-2223.

For housing holds, please contact UM Housing

For readmission holds:

-If it has been over two years since you have last attended the University of Montana, you will need to apply for readmission.

- If you applied for a previous term and did not attend, but are registering for the upcoming term, you will need to call the UM Evaluators Office at (406) 243-2251.