Single Admissions Transmittal

Note: We are unable to fax files or process requests if the student has not completed at least one semester or if it has been more than five years since your last attendance at The University of Montana. Transmittal Requests are for Undergraduate files only. We cannot  process requests for Graduate material.

If you've attended one of the campuses of the Montana University System and wish to transfer to a different Montana University System campus, you can request that your file be transferred to the campus of your choice. You can make your request by completing the Request for Transmittal of Application Materials form and submit it to the institution from which you are transferring. This service prevents your having to gather all of the admission materials again as you did when you first applied to the University System.  

The materials will include an official transcript and your admissions file.  Medical history records are not included and must be obtained by contacting the Curry Health Center.  If you're currently completing "in progress" courses at The University of Montana you must request a second transcript be sent after grades have been recorded.

**Single Admission Transmittal paperwork can take up to 10 business days to process after our office has received it**

Transmittal of Application Materials Form

Board of Regents Single Admissions File Service Policy