Commencement Information

University of Montana Spring 2017 Commencement Ceremony Information
Saturday, May 13, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. - Washington-Grizzly Stadium


You can watch the ceremony via live stream at this link


Graduates and their guests are invited to coffee at the Payne Native American Center beginning at 8:00 a.m.

Families and guests should be seated in Washington-Grizzly Stadium by 9:30 a.m.

The Smaller Professional Schools, Colleges and Departmental Ceremonies Follow the 10:00 a.m. Ceremony


  • No tickets are required for the main ceremony, though tickets may be required for the individual department ceremonies or the student may be asked to RSVP with an approximate number of family and guests expected to attend.

  • Contact the department of the individual ceremony you would like to attend regarding individual ceremony ticket information.

Parking and Traffic Flow Map

Lavender Graduation Ceremony
May 11, at 7:00 pm in University Center 330-333. 
Students must apply to be able to attend the graduation


Commencement Disability Accommodations
Information regarding disability accommodations can be found on the Disability Services for Students website.


Commencement Ceremony - Caps and Gowns
Order graduation regalia and other items through the Oak Hall Cap & Gown web page.
Grad Days 2017 at the UM Bookstore are March 14, 15, 16
Grad Days at Missoula College are March 16, 12 - 5pm


*IMPORTANT* If you need to update your diploma mailing address (from the address indicated on your original graduation application) please call (406) 243-2421 or (406) 243-2422. Updating your address on CyberBear does not affect your diploma mailing address.


We Care!  Please tell us about your plans after graduation!

Commencement Ceremony FAQ

If you graduated Summer or Autumn 2016 or if you will be graduating Spring 2017 or Summer 2017 you may walk during the 2017 Commencement ceremony. No RSVP is required.
The Central Commencement Ceremony will be approximately 1 hour 15 minutes long. Individual ceremonies may vary in length but will be approximately one hour in duration.
It is open seating, i.e. no tickets required. Please be aware that guest seating may be limited at your individual ceremony due to smaller venues. Seating is first come first seated. 
All of the information in the packet is on the Registrar's graduation webpage.
You will receive a blue card with your cap and gown that you will present at your individual ceremony from which your name is called.
You can get a blue card before the Central Ceremony from a volunteer or from the information table. They will also be available at your individual ceremony.
Applications received after the bulletin went to print did not make the publication. This in no way indicates you will not graduate if you successfully complete your courses and file the correct paperwork. If you are graduating Autumn 2017 or later, but opted to walk this Spring, your name will appear in the Spring 2018 bulletin.
At your individual ceremony your name will be called from the blue card and you will walk across the stage to receive your diploma case.
Graduates from the prior summer, prior autumn , current spring, and future summer semesters are all eligilbe during the spring Commencement ceremony. Graduates from other semesters, for example Autumn 2017, may walk but are not listed in the Commencement bulletin until next year.


Diplomas for fall graduates will be mailed the first week in April. Diplomas will be mailed in late August for all spring graduates. Summer diplomas are mailed in November.
Your diploma is mailed to the address you indicated on your graduation application. To update the address for your diploma please call the Graduation Coordinators (243-2421 or 243-2422). Updating your mailing address in CyberBear does not change your diploma mailing address. It is costly to reorder missing diplomas please be sure your address is correct with the Graduations Office.

Disability and Health Concerns

There are parking areas that honor existing parking decals. There will be golf carts circulating on campus to offer rides to people. Information regarding disability accommodations can be found on the Disability Services for Students website.
Information regarding disability accommodations can be found on the Disability Services for Students website.

Individual Ceremonies

The individual ceremony locations can be located in the Commencement Brochure. Please view the Commencement brochure in the Commencement Information section. On the day of commencement the buildings will be marked with signs indicating what ceremony is located there.


Parking is available on campus and in the adjacent neighborhoods. There will also be buses running from the Park N' Ride lots per this bus schedule. Please refer to the Parking Information section.


A commercial photographer will no be taking photographs at the individual ceremonies, but guests are welcome to take pictures.

If your GPA is above a 3.4 you receive Honors and wear a silver cord. If your GPA is above a 3.7 you receive High Honors and wear a gold cord. High Honors requires the approval of your major department. Be aware that we do consider your transfer GPA when awarding Honors designations. If you are unsure call a Graduation Coordinator (243-2421 or 243-2422).
The honors designations in the commencement bulletin are printed according to Autumn GPAs, but if you feel sure that you will achieve the designation feel free to wear the cord you anticipate getting.
There is no set dress code. Please plan for Montana weather in May, which could be just about anything. Consider wearing appropriate footwear. The march to the stadium is long and sometimes over uneven surfaces.
The Central Commencement Ceremony will be held in Washington-Grizzly Stadium unless the weather conditions are severe or dangerous. The ceremony will be streamed live to the following buildings if guests want to be indoors. (see below).

The Central Commencement Ceremony will be broadcast live via the Internet on campus, and may be viewed in the following classrooms:

North Underground Lecture Hall

Urey Lecture Hall

Charles Clapp 131

Chemistry 123

Liberal Arts 11

Social Science 352

Social Science 356

McGill Hall 210

University Center Theater

Several venues will be available during the day of Commencement, including Washington Grizzly Stadium, the Adams Center, the University Center.
Please contact Oak Hall Cap & Gown.