On-Campus Ergonomic Assistance

OUCH---This hurts

Muscular Skeletal Disease, repetitive motion injury, carpal tunnel—what ever you call it, sitting at a computer all day doing the same thing without moving around can result in short term pain or long term injury. The University of Montana has a program that may be able to help.

First, you should read through the UM Ergonomics website at http://www.umt.edu/research/eh/ergo.htm Here you will find a variety of information designed to help you evaluate your own workstation, learn some simple exercises and more.

Secondly, you can contact Kay Altenhofen at 243-4503 or Kay.Altenhofen@mso.umt.edu to request an onsite ergonomics evaluation. Often, reconfiguring your existing workstation will be all that is needed.

An additional option is available if you feel your signs and symptoms are related to your work.  You should get with your supervisor and together file a worker’s compensation First Report of Injury at UM work comp section.  You can also contact Mike Panisko at 242-2842 or Mike.Panisko@mso.umt.edu to discuss questions about the claim filing process. If you think you may have medical expenses or lose time away from work due to a work related injury or disease filing a worker's compensation claim begins the process.