Radiation Emergency

Except for minor spills or releases of radioactivity that can be controlled and cleaned by the user, CONTACT ANY OF THE FOLLOWING AT EARLIEST OPPORTUNITY:


 Lance Meaux, Radiological Technician

Cell:  406-552-3004

Office:  406-243-6681


Dan Dugan, Radiation Safety Officer

Cell: 503-908-0263

Office: 503-620-6617


Chuck Emnett, UM Enterprise Risk Management

Office: 406-243-4504

Cell: 406-370-2870


Zach Scott, Director of Research Compliance

Cell: 406-274-7161

Office: 406-243-4755


University Emergency Hotline: 406-243-4000 (x4000 from campus phone)


Emergency Response Procedures

  1. If spill or contamination involves injury, administer first aid.
  2. If spill is on the skin, flush thoroughly, on clothing – discard in radiation waste receptacle.
  3. If accident involves gases, notify persons to vacate area; shut off hoods and fans if possible, seal area, and post warning.
  4. Take immediate steps to decontaminate personnel involved.
  5. Monitor all persons involved in the spill and cleanup.
  6. Contact the Radiation Safety Officer or other emergency contact listed above at earliest opportunity.
  7. Permit no person to resume work in the area until a survey has been made and approval of the Radiation Safety Officer or designated official is secured.
  8. Prepare the Spill Investigation form of the accident for the RSO.

Radiation Emergency References