All-Surface Cleaning (ASC)

Last Review Date: May 3, 2018

I. Purpose

All-surface cleaning (ASC) is used to sanitize all surfaces of an animal room and non-animal areas in order to eliminate microorganisms that may endanger the health of an animal.

II. Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the LAR Staff to ensure all animal rooms and Lab Animal Resource related areas undergo all-surface cleaning (ASC) on a monthly basis. Documentation of the monthly ASC must be posted on the schedule board in HSB 009 and ante-rooms of Skaggs animal areas. At the end of each month, this record is then transferred to the ASC notebook file in HS009 and file cabinet in SB041.

III. Procedure

  • Fill pressurized spray bottles located in the dirty cage washroom with Rescue concentrate 2:128 (2 oz to 1-gallon water).  Take any necessary items (i.e., ladder, wall mop, towels) to specific room or area to be cleaned.
  • Move animal cages and/or equipment to the center area of the room to allow unobstructed spraying of the wall surfaces.
  • Spray all wall and ceiling surfaces.
  • After spraying, all fixtures including sinks, broom holders, brooms, and trash cans must all be wiped dry.
  • Doors and windows are wiped dry to prevent water stains.
  • Use the ladder to access light fixtures. Open light fixture locks and clean light covers with Rescue RTU and towels.
  • Use a ladder to wipe off the top of animal racks and animal transfer station and ceiling vents.
  • Clean Animal Transfer Station using Rescue RTU, towels and hand vacuum (mark off on the daily sheet).
  • Finally, mop the excess Rescue Concentrate from the floor using the mop and bucket provided in the room. For non-room areas, use the mop and bucket from the cage-wash room.
  • Place all items, such as animal racks, cages, and equipment back in their original location. Run any empty racks through the cage washer.
  • When finished, document that the ASC was completed by filling out the schedule board in HSB 009 and both SB ante-rooms. At the end of the month, put the information into ASC notebook in HS009 file cabinet and SB041 file cabinet.

IV. Safety Considerations 

  • Wear gloves, lab coat, and booties while cleaning. Wear rubber gloves if hands will be submerged for long periods of time (see MSDS book)
  • Lab coats are washed weekly
  • Use caution with light fixtures when washing diffusers