Alarm Systems

Skaggs and Health Sciences Buildings

Last Review Date: May 4, 2018

I. Purpose

An alarm system, provided by Montana Securities, is operational in North and South Skaggs Building and Health Science Building animal facilities. After hours and on the weekends, the alarm is armed and will detect any motion within the facility. The purpose of this standard operating procedure is to explain how to operate the alarm systems properly in order to make certain that the facilities are secure at all times.

II. Responsibility

It is the responsibility of all LAR Staff, and other animal users who need access to the facility after hours, to know how to properly use and run the Skaggs Building and Health Science Building Alarm Systems.  All animal users will be trained on the use of the alarm system during hands-on training by LAR staff before building access is activated.

III. Procedure

  • To enter the facility and disarm alarm.
    • Check the slider sign on the entrance wall to either facility to see if facility is "opened" or "closed".
    • If sign reads Open, you will not need to disarm alarm.
    • If sign reads Closed, and you open the door, the alarm will sound unless it is disarmed.
    • Once inside the main door, the alarm and key pad is located either to your left (HSB), right (north SB), or directly in front of you (south SB). A red light shows that the alarm is armed.
      • Enter your 4 digit access code and press the 1 key on the key pad (OFF)
      • Your access code is for your specific investigator; make certain you are authorized to use the code.
      • Sign in on the dry erase board (after hours and weekends only) located on all lab entry doors with your name, date and time for as long as you are in the facility; erase when you leave.
      • If the alarm does not disarm, press your 4 digit access code again and press 1 (you have 60 sec in which to turn off the alarm)
      • If the alarm is not disarmed within the 60-second time frame, the alarm is activated and Campus Police are automatically alerted. Campus police will come to the animal facility to check the alarm, so be prepared to show them your ID!  Do not leave the area until security arrives and clears the alarm. If the telephone rings in the facility, answer the phone (it will be campus security) and answer their questions.
  • To exit the facility and reset alarm system
    • Make certain that all outside doors are closed and motion detectors are off (back door, loading dock door, front door, and motion detectors)
    • To arm the alarm, wait for ready (green light to appear) on digital monitor
    • Press your 4 digit access code and press 2 (AWAY)
    • Wait for the armed (red) light to appear (you have 60 seconds to leave the facility)
    • Exit and close outer door firmly
    • Slide the sign to Closed