Health Sciences and South Skaggs Building

Last Review Date: May 4, 2018

I. Purpose

The purpose of this standard operating procedure is to instruct all LAR staff on proper use of the LAR-owned autoclaves located in Health Science Building and South Skaggs Buildings. The autoclaves are used for sterilizing bedding, food and other necessities.

II. Responsibility

The LAR staff is responsible for using proper autoclave procedures when sterilizing bedding, feed and other items for animal care and use. Both models are 400LS/500LS series Getinge steam sterilizers.  Both have a closed boiler system which provides their own steam.

III. Procedure

  • Press “Cycle” button
    • Bedding (for bedding, Nestlets, etc.)
    • SMART Pack (for SMART Pack to test autoclave vacuum)
    • Instruments (for instrument packs)
    • Burn (for feed, biohazard waste)
  • Pull door down to open.
  • Apply autoclave tape to the outside packaging of items and include a Steam Sterilization Integrator taped to a package in the middle of the load
  • Insert bags of bedding, Nestlets, food, etc. into autoclave chamber.
  • Push door up to close door
  • After door is sealed, the green “Start” light will flash and the monitor will display “Standby”
  • Press “Start” button.
  • Record cycle and items being autoclaved into autoclave notebook next to autoclave
  • When cycle is complete press “Shut off time alarm'
  • Wear autoclave gloves when removing items from chamber! They will be hot.
  • Push up on door to close door
  • Record results of autoclave tape and Castle Steam Integrator into autoclave notebook.
    • If indicators have not changed color/configuration, then the load must be considered to be not sterile. Repeat the autoclave cycle and/or call maintenance personnel to service autoclave.
  • Remove autoclave loads promptly.

III. Monitoring Systems