Steam Sterilization Integrator Strips

Last Review Date: April 22, 2018

I. Purpose

Getinge steam sterilization integrator strips indicate exposure to the conditions which will achieve sterilization - the proper combination of time and temperature in the presence of steam.

The integrator reacts with linear scale measuring time, temperature and steam using a melted chemical to a precise endpoint for accurate sterilization in vacuum steam sterilizers.

II. Instructions for use

  • Use one steam sterilization integrator strip in each autoclave load.
  • Tape one steam integrator strip to a bedding bag and place that bag in the middle of the load to be autoclaved. For other types of loads, place or tape the strip such that it is in the middle of the load.
  • Autoclave on "bedding" setting (or other setting as indicated by the type of load).
  • After the sterilization process is completed, observe the integrator strip
    • If bar has reached "FINISH" line, it is safe to assume that loads containing the Getinge Sterilization Integrator has been exposed to sterilizing conditions
    • If bar has not turned and has not advanced to "FINISH" line, safety requirements for sterilization have not been met. Reprocessing is recommended.
  • Always check expiration date on package of Integrator Strips prior to use.