Grant Leave Assessment

Per University policy, the term "grant" includes contracts, cooperative agreements, subgrants, or subcontracts and includes instruction, training, outreach, and research activities.

Part of UM's Fringe Benefit Rate when budgeting for sponsored activities is an assessment to cover sick leave, annual leave, and termination payoff of permanent employees who are paid from grants. This grant leave assessment (GLA) is applied to all non-student salaries.  

When employment with the University terminates, institutional policy mandates that leave payoff defaults to the index from which the individual was last paid. There are occasions, however, when an individual with institutional longevity has received salary from both grant and non-grant accounts. If, in the last five years, the period of service between the two is significantly disproportionate, a payroll source report may be requested from HRS

Referencing this documentation, the PI may request that termination payoff be apportioned between the GLA pool and the non-grant index, as proportionally represented in the last five years. The request must be emailed to the Vice President for Research and Creative Scholarship and include the HRS payroll source documentation and requested split. The VPR will make a determination and, if in agreement, communicate to HRS the proportional payoff approved to come from the GLA pool.