PI Org Change

PI Transfers within the University of Montana

When a PI moves from one responsible organization (dept/center) to another within UM, the Banner Grant Module programming does not allow us to change the responsible organization.  Therefore, the following solution has been used since the implementation of Banner in 1999:

  • The previous responsible organization gives permissions for the new responsible organization to access those index codes.
  • With the recent implementation of Dynamic F&A, we are able to change the F&A code in Banner so that the new responsible organization receives the new F&A split that is negotiated with the Vice President for Research & Creative Scholarship.
    • If the new organization does not have a SPABA index, that index must be set up with the VPRCS’s office before the new dynamic F&A code can be assigned by the Assistant Director of the Office of Sponsored Programs.
    • If there is a delay in setting up the SPABA index, the OSP post-award specialist can make a one-time F&A adjustment from the date the PI transfer happened, after the new dynamic F&A code is assigned.

If there are justifiable extenuating circumstances, a new fund/index can be set up with the remainder of the budget from the original fund/index; however, this requires a formal exception from the Director of the Office of Sponsored Programs.  This is not standard operating procedure, since there is significant movement of PIs among departments and centers at UM.  This exception carries substantial administrative burden for OSP.