Record Retention

When notified that a proposal will not be funded, the file is retained in the research office for two years prior to shredding.  If no notification is received, proposal files are retained for three years prior to shredding.  

For sponsored activities, the University retains all research records while the project is active, and for five (5) years following project close-out, unless a longer period is specified by the sponsor.  If legal or audit issues are raised, records will be retained for three years following resolution of such issues.

Such records include all original documents that pertain to grant funds, such as invoices, ProCard receipts, purchasing documents, student payroll documentation, travel, work orders, and charges for services such as the mailroom, motor pool, bookstore, Chem Stores, and networking. For items purchased through GrizMart, the history documentation available within the system will suffice as originals for audit purposes.  

The PI and department are responsible for physically storing records for all indexes associated with the project.  If the sponsor requires a longer retention period and storage becomes problematic after five years, the department may contact ORSP to make alternate arrangements.  At that time, records must be stored in small banker boxes (16 L x 12 W x 10-1/2 H) and clearly labeled (i.e., department name and time frame).

When destroyed at the conclusion of the retention period, records will be shredded.  

Additional Information

The Council on Governmental Relations (COGR) has a variety of Research Administration Publications available, including Access to, Sharing and Retention of Research Data.