Vehicle Recharge

There are some University owned vehicles that operate outside of the Facilities Services' fleet that are under the oversight of a particular department or individual.  To pay for such vehicle use from sponsored funds, an allocation methodology must be in place: 

  •  A Sales and Service (S&S) index should be established. Use of an activity code specific to a vehicle may be helpful.  
  • Keep a mileage log in the vehicle. (Make 12 copies of this log, staple them together, fold in half, and place in the vehicle's glove box.) Each time the vehicle is used, the driver should identify the project for which the vehicle was used, and note the beginning and ending mileage for each trip. 
  • Each month the corresponding mileage log should turned in to the departmental accounting office.
  • The DRA or other departmental staff must: 
    • compile the Information from the mileage log on to a spreadsheet to determine the amount (mileage x IRS standard mileage rate) to be paid by each sponsored project that used the vehicle during the month; and,
    • JV that amount via U-Approve from the grant to the S&S index, attaching the spreadsheet (or actual invoice) as documentation.  Both the spreadsheet and mileage log must be retained at the department as necessary to meet record retention requirements.  
  •  All vehicle expenses fuel, insurance, maintenance, etc.) are paid by the S&S index. The sponsored projects pay their usage share of expenses via the IRS mileage rate.