Guidelines for Limited Submissions

When a program announcement limits the number of submissions per institution, the University must takes steps to ensure that we do not exceed that limit.  As soon as the Proposal Development Office learns of a limited submission opportunity, the proposal development manager sends a broad email via the ORSP Listservs to the campus community requesting internal statements of intent from those interested in applying.  The email will include, at minimum:

  • a link to the program announcement;
  • the sponsor application deadline;
  • the internal deadline (ideally six to eight weeks before the sponsor application deadline);
  • the requirements for the Statement of Intent, typically: 1) a 1-2 page program descriptions and 2) a brief preliminary budget.

Internal statements of intent to submit will be evaluated by the Vice President for Research (VPR). Others may be included at the VPR's discresion, including chairs or deans, particularly if there are multiple submissions from a single department.  All individuals submitting internal statements of intent will be notified whether or not their project was selected to advance to the proposal stage. 

If at any point you become aware of a limited submission opportunity for which you would like to apply, please contact the proposal development manager, Katherine Swan, directly at