Sponsored Programs Asset Based Allocation

Part of F&A recovery is returned to the deans for use at their descretion to support the research and creative scholarship exterprise.  These funds are put into designated accounts and are internally referred to as SPABA. SPABA is typically disbributed by the VPR as a lump sum at the end of a fiscal year; however, because an advance of SPABA was distributed in FY2010, SPABA disbtribution appears to occur two years in arrears.  

In FY2016, an effort to slowly phase in dynamic recovery of F&A (DF&A) began. When approved by the Vice President for Reserch and established in UM's financial system, DF&A allows immediate recovery of F&A per each corresponding expenditure. DF&A is put into the respective dean’s SPABA account. To identify recovery and facilitate distribution at the dean level, a unique department distribution code and six digit activity code is attached to each PI. When transitioning to DF&A, a unit will receive a lump sum recovery representing what was earned prior to the implementation of DF&A.    

Because SPABA generation is dependent upon the success of external proposals and awards, such funds can usually be carried forward to account for the fluctuation of grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements.