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Welcome to "Ask an ORCS"

Hi, I'm L. Scott Mills, Associate Vice President of Research for Global Change and Sustainability, and also a long-time Wildlife Biology Professor. Over the years I’ve dealt with a bunch of funding agencies, interdisciplinary collaborations, and weird research projects as a PI, and now I’m in ORCS (Office of Research and Creative Scholarship).  So my goal with this column is to help bridge the gap for PIs to succeed in their Research and Creative Scholarship (RCS) initiatives.

L. Scott Mills

Of course, when you feel befuddled about a RCS issue, your first step should be to search that topic on the UM website.  The  ORCS website has great links, as do various offices within ORCS, such as Office of Sponsored Programs (ORSP - a lifecycle office from proposal development to proposal submission/negotiation, award management and closeout, and audit resolution), Broader Impacts Group, Environmental Health and Risk Management (EHRM), etc.  Next, of course, you will talk to your Departmental Research Administrator (DRA) if you have one, and your pre/post award person in ORSP.  Then, if you’re a new faculty member, check with a more senior faculty member to see if they can resolve your questions.

But even after you’ve done your homework and gone through those steps and contacts for clarification, there will still be issues that puzzle and, yes, frustrate. 

That’s when it is time to Ask an ORCS

Below I’ve listed some topics that I’ll be addressing soon (with hot links for those that are complete).  

Additional comments or topics to suggest?  Please let me know! Come say hello (UH 116) or  send me an email.