Post Approval Monitoring of Animal Use Protocols

Date adopted: December 9, 2008

Last Review Date: September 12, 2017

I.  Policy

The UM Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) requires animal protocol oversight and post-approval monitoring (PAM) of animal use protocols (AUP).  PAM is intended to assist Principal Investigators (PI) and their staff members with meeting regulatory requirements for assuring animal welfare. 

PAM at UM includes (1) semiannual IACUC facility inspections, (2) annual AUP review/renewal and 3-year complete resubmission for all animal use protocols, (3) daily monitoring of animals by LAR staff, (4) monitoring of animals and procedures by the AV, and (5) comprehensive review of an AUP and supporting techniques (i.e., surgery, post-procedure care, diet restrictions) by the LAR lead animal technician in conjunction with the PI and his/her research staff.

II.  Procedure

For the comprehensive AUP and technique review, the LAR lead technician selects an AUP for review based on pain and distress categories E and D followed by categories C and B, respectively.   This comprehensive review is conducted as follows:

Step 1.  The technician contacts an individual PI and schedules a convenient time to meet with him/her and all personnel listed on the PIs AUP who are responsible for animal manipulations and/or procedures described in the AUP.  The purpose of this meeting is to review the AUP together and answer any questions or concerns posed by the PI and animal research personnel.

Step 2.  The technician schedules a time with the PI or his/her animal research personnel to observe an animal procedure(s) and/or manipulation(s) as described in the AUP under review.

Step 3.  The technician sends the PI a report detailing the review of his/her AUP and animal procedures.  The review may include suggestions to enhance procedures and/or recommendations for amendments to the AUP.  The Attending Veterinarian and IACUC Coordinator may also add their recommendations to the report.

Step 4.  Once completed, the technician presents the final contents of the report to the IACUC.  This report may be presented in person at the next IACUC meeting or sent to the IACUC through the IACUC Coordinator.