University of Montana Accreditation by OLAW, USDA and AAALAC

The University of Montana has been continuously accredited by AAALAC International since 1967. UM has a long, proud tradition of humane, proper use of laboratory research animals for biological and biomedical research. The Department of Laboratory Animal Resources at UM provides resources and services for animal husbandry and the proper use of animals in research programs. The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) serves as an independent oversight committee responsible for monitoring all University associated animal care and use. The presence of an IACUC and the IACUC’s responsibility to assure adherence to federal, state, and institutional guidelines for all animal care and use are monitored by accrediting agencies that include AAALAC, the Public Health Service/National Institutes of Health/Office of Lab Animal Welfare (OLAW) and the United Sates Department of Agriculture (USDA).

For the purpose of writing grant proposals (face page of PHS 398), the PHS Assurance number for the University of Montana is D16-00210.